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I didn't send my son to parochial school because he is special needs. I want to. The district said if I choose a parochial school they don't have to send an aide even though he has an aide in public school. I don't understand it. Public school is in conflict with myv values. I'm not asking them to foot the bill for private school, only the services he is currently receiving, which are speech, O.T. and the aide. Any advice?


When a special education student is placed by the parents in a private school it changes the responsibilities of the school district. The IEP is converted to an ISP (Individualized Service Plan). The district is still responsible for providing all "direct services" (e.g. speech, OT, PT) to the student. But the district can dictate the time and location for each service and the parents have to supply transportation to and from these services.

The district is not required to provide classroom support meaning teachers and aides. I'm afraid the law and case law is on the side of the district for this. Sorry.

I wish you and your son the best,

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