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My daughter is a 22 year old in a Adult Transition class and the Special Ed/Principal of our school decided that these students needed to have grades after not having grades for the past 2 years.  When I asked for an addendum requesting that my daughter did not need to have grades and I would like an addendum written up for her not to have grades along with others in her SDC, program administrators said you can not write an addendum without having an IEP meeting.  The reason being at this point she does not need grades to get into college or they will not be anything that will help her only hinder her if the grade is seen by her.  I have read that I can write an addendum without an IEP meeting as long as an administrator signs off on it.  So my question at this point is legally can I ask for an addendum without an IEP meeting? If the Special Ed Dept. won't honor my request for the addendum are my daughter's civil rights being violated?  They keep telling me that I am violating her civil rights... Thank you so much for your time - Thank you for your time!


I do IEP Addendums all the time by fax and phone. The school drafts the Addendum with the change; in your case the accommodation of no grades . It states in the Notes that it is an IEP Addendum being done without a meeting and the Parent(s) waive having the usually required participants at the meeting. We usually have a conference call to make sure the parents are aware of their Rights, are agreeing to the IEP, and have no questions. It is signed by the administrator and then faxed or emailed to me and my client. We both sign it and fax (or scan and email) it back.

That's all there is to it.

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