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Hello ,
I recently had my 15 year old son evaluated because for ADHD. He has always been an all A student with an average of 94% so even though I always thought he had adhd his grades were so good so i have always put it off until recently.Also you should know that i (mom)have severe adhd and his young brother has adhd and dyspraxia.He was tested in a neuropsych clinic by an intern student.The results are as follow:
WISC-IV; (VCI) 119
         (PRI) 92
         (WMI) 77
         (PSI) 80
         (FSIQ) 92
The diagnosis is ADHD inattentive,mild
My question is the discrepancy between all the score seems high
27 pts between vci-pri could this indicate a possible ld
I also know that the VCI is the most relevant of intelligence so if his wmi and psi were increase with the
adhd treatment would that also increase his vci which could put him at a "gifted"level?
which would not surprise me since he has always manage high grades despite his low cognitive skills
The intern that did the report his not available until next fall but I was wondering if I should pursue further testing for him in the meantime. I have also wonder he if could have dcd like his brother..he does have a lot of the same issues that his brother has but i had never heard of dyspraxia until 6 months ago when my 5 year old got diagnose,
Thank you so much for you're time ,I am looking forward to hear what you think.

Good morning Isabelle!
My answer is yes, the 27point discrepancy could indicate what you say and yes if his wmi and psi increased, it would increase his vic.  Go out of the context of the clinical soulless abbreviations and think of it naturally for a moment: if you train your brain to remember more, it'll remember more pictures, sounds, WORDS - which is what you asked about  [=vic, right?], tastes, and smells.  Memory [=wmi that you asked about] works across the senses.  If you train your brain to remember more, it will.  Simple as that.  If you remember more, you connect things faster.  Connecting things faster = processing things faster and that = psi that you asked about.  See, when people get stuck in clinical abbreviations, no wonder they don't make entire sense to them.  But if you think of this result out of the context of the abbreviations on the paper on which they're printed, you'll agree with my answer.  
I suggest that you don't concentrate your energy on further testing, but on working with me to eradicate the immense activity that's happening in his, YOUR, and his brother's brain.  See, the fact that all of you have adhd is also natural: when mom had it, the children copied mom since birth, because that's what naturally happens in families.  Children don't have reasoning to choose their executive thinking when young, so they copy parents in eating, parlance, thinking, acting.  So your children copied you. This is why your 16 year-old has a lot of the same issues as his brother.  If you concentrate your NRG on more tests, the tests still won't get rid of the immense activity happening in the brains of all 3 of you.  Tests will only produce more confirmations of what you already know - or even more confusion on the other end of the continuum.  I personally suggest that you concentrate your NRG on working to correct the activity of the brain to not having all the adhd activity going on in it.  You all 3 ARE ALREADY GIFTED! And this is my answer to what you say about being gifted.  Again, think of this naturally out of the context of these test results: a person who can see, for example, 100 TV screens with each screen having a different video going on it at once cannot be anything else BUT gifted!  Even the most visual artists without adhd will always only see ONE scene they wanna paint, for example.  If you and your sons can see 100, THAT's creative, isn't it?  
I work with people like you 3 to help calm the immense visual activity down.  I help people to regain the ability to control their imagery and most of the activity that goes on in the brain when concentration on one thing is required. It's impossible for me to describe exactly how I can help you 3, because I know little from your description, that's why I'd need to spend a few sessions with you over Skype or the phone.  But for the short-term financial and time investment in a few sessions with me you'd be guaranteed to take some good things away for the rest of all of your lives.  I invite you to consider working with me and the blog articles in both categories of my blog at will help you make your decision.  That's what I think and my answer isn't to everyone's gusto, because my work is so very out of the usual school tests and educational environment thinking context.  But still, isn't a completely different context where the most effective answers often are?

I thank you very, VERY MUCH for your question - it inspired me to write about this subject of thinking out of the usual context once again when I get time!

With :) & +NRG, Lucy has inspirational articles on its blog and all contact info on its TAKE THE NEXT STEP page.  

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