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My son is HFA. He will be going to 3rd grade.  I felt he needed a tutor for language beyond speech. He is a very very smart kid & misunderstood.  Instead we have 1:1 speech 2x week and 2 group. It seems inadequate for his speech needs though on his own he's progressed alot 2nd grade.
How can I petition for tutoring? Has this ever happened? Also I don't like having aide. It's what school wants. They complain he listens to aide not teacher but they foster this! How can I come to agreement to at least try to get aide out part time? Thank you.


I have been able to get tutoring services for students I represent, but I have had to prove why it is needed. In most instances it has been awarded by judges in due process cases to make up for lack of student progress.

Speech and Language Therapists are supposed to address all language needs. Maybe your son needs goals specifying his language needs.

Your son is receiving a very high level of speech and language services. Usually I have to fight to get my students this level of services. I also have to fight for aide services. Not knowing why your son has an aide makes it difficult for me. To answer your questions, you can call for an IEP Team meeting to review the aide services. There are different levels of aide support. Maybe your son needs a lower level called "Shadow Aide Support" where the aide does not intervene unless it is necessary to get your son back on track.

In the IEP you call, you should address your concerns about your son's language needs and ask for new goals addressing these needs. Once a goal is in place, they have to assist your son in reaching it. You can also express your concerns about the aide taking over for the teacher and try to work out a solution. I would suggest doing away with the aide in the subjects in which he is doing well.

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