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What are the laws regarding assistive tech?
We have an unusual problem.
The school has loaned us an IPAD.
We created alot of data on it, almost all of it.
The school won't allow us to back it up.
We can't manipulate the data outside of the IPAD which would be extremely useful to our child.
We asked to be able to back up the data.
The school could allow us to do it on premises and then change the password.
We don't want to continue to use a device we can't back up or access data to for augmenting.
We created almost all the material on it to help our child.
If we provide our own Ipad, can we seek reimbursement?
Also, the school says it does not have to provide us any software except that can be used at school.  That doesn't seem correct.
Please advise. Thank you.


The schools are not required to reimburse parents for assistive technology, but if the student needs it, they have to provide it. Many of my clients take home after school the devices they use at school, but they have to bring them back each day for school. The parents usually have to sign an agreement saying that the device will only be used for the student's education. Schools enter into licensing agreements with software companies. These usually call for the school to pay a fee for each computer on which the software is installed. And some say it can only be installed on school owned computers. This may limit what the school can do for you. The iPad you have belongs to them so they can dictate what you can and can't do with it. I think their offer to let you back it up at school is a compromise.

If they are things called for in the last signed IEP, then the compliance complaint is the way to go. you can file a Compliance Complaint with your state's department of education (online forms are available). They will investigate and make the school district follow what is in the last IEP signed by you.

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