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I have an 8 yr old with ADHD and speech delay.  He is very smart doing great in tests. He doesn't sit for long periods.  He's great in 20 minute increments.  The school says to stay in coteacher class he needs fba. He's a good kid but will get up and aide is useless. Teachers have rotten lazy attitudes though I can't say they're mean.  They half take advice though they attest it always helps. Our son is very good at home.  They don't have anyone who knows him well to do fba and they refuse to find someone agreeable to us all.  Do they have right to insist on fba as condition of staying in class.  Our son is not aggressive but I think he needs stimulation he's not getting.  A self contained class was a nightmare as he was quadruple fidgety and had no peer models for speech. It doesn't seem right that nothing they do is under any scrutiny.  I know our son has issues but they are manageable


I'm sorry to report that the law is on the side of the school. A student whose behavior impacts the student's ability to access his or her education or the education of other students must have an FBA. The law also gives the school the right to select the assessor (so long as they are qualified). When done correctly, the FBA should collect classroom data on the student over a period of time in order to determine the frequency of each behavior, the causes, and the antecedents. It can be a very helpful tool for determining what is going on.

Once the FBA is completed, they must develop a Behavior Plan, present it in an IEP Team meeting, and you must accept this plan before it can be implemented. You have the right to have the FBA and proposed Behavior Plan reviewed by your own expert who can accompany you to the IEP meeting.

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