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My son had OT x 2but they cut it to once bc he tested
30th percentile.

The problem is he has big sensory hand issues and
His handwriting is illegible. Utterly illegible

Is there anything I can do?
Concerned dad


You don't have to accept this change or any other changes proposed. When they present you with a new IEP that lowers his OT, you sign it agreeing to everything except the reduction in OT Services. If there is a signature line stating: "I agree with everything except", you sign your name on this line then write "Except for reduction in OT Services." If there is no such line, just state the above and sign it. Just make sure the Notes section states why you are not agreeing to reduce services.  The school has to continue at the level of services called for in the last signed IEP.

If you have already signed the new IEP, you can write the school stating that you are rescinding your signature on the old one and want to have another IEP. Then at this IEP you sign the way I instructed you to above.

You should look into having a private OT evaluation. Many medical insurance companies will pay for this. Then share the results with the school assuming it shows he continues to need services at the old level of 2 x weekly.  

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