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I have an IPAD from the school. It's theirs, how Is this assstuve tech? They Loan these to regular students starting in third grade.  No software. They said if I provide my own IPAD I won't be reimbursed any software even if they agree its useful  and would get for their IPAD.  I don't understand law on assistive tech.  They don't backup IPAD and I can't.  I am making all kinds of data on it for my daughter and they do almost nothing! How is this reasonable? I have never gotten any apps from them except baby junk stuff.  I have spent $300 trying to find tryout decent apps.  What can I do? If anything.  They also messed up settings doing I don't know what and I lost a big chunk of data I made for my son.  I had to spend hours redoing it. How is this reasonable? I'm losing my sanity With amount of work I do


You don't state whether your son has an IEP. If he does, they should have a specific reason for loaning him an iPad and they should supply the necessary aps for this reason. Legally, it is the school's property. Anything you do on it is not their responsibility nor are they obligated to protect what you enter into it. Maybe you can backup your stuff in the cloud?

My suggestion is that you find out why the school is supplying what you call "baby junk stuff"?
Then see if you can have them provide more advanced aps. The final decision is theirs. Sorry.

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