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I have a recording where they say the service was being done twice a week last year
Though not in iep

They said it was helpful many times

They lied. They said theyd do it daily. I am sorry i trusted but its hard not to.
Now i dont obviously.

I have proof in email tgat in the past my kid started school without finished iep. Id wait
For months. What are my options other than complaining to them.

They are trying to railroad us into unfitting setting.
They have resources to offer this support because was offered in the past
They said was useful. Now they say if he needs it goto bad placement where no
Tutiring exists only a painfully slowed down curriculum

To recap they unilaterally reduced a service from daily to twice week. Was not in iep
But i had it in writing hand written. We asked for it.  They never duscussed in plep
Reducing this service.  Isnt that illegal? Was done unilaterally no discussion

They did it twice weekly said was helpful. Claiming amnesia on promise to makeup
Undone services. They said this.

We were promised a consult in a recording and told oral agreements dont matter. They
Are that gross.

They respond to toothy threats but not sure how to craft. Hope im being clear
Thanks so much. Your replies are helpful


Because your did not have an IEP, about all you can do is file for Due Process. This is a complex process. The best evidence you appear to have are the recordings and emails. But to conduct a Due Process is not easy. The district will use an experienced attorney to fight you. Most parents have to use an experienced advocate or lawyer to be successful in Due Process.

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