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They provided the service but it wasn't in the IEP
I never checked because we kept having changes and there was trust.
I have document someone wrote promising services.
Wasn't put in Iep
I found out later they cut from 4 to 2 but were doing it twice a week, again not in Iep.
I should've taped meeting because they said would redo all now saying they don't recall that and don't want to provide service at all.
I do have proof they were doing the service twice a week but wasn't in iep.
Advice much appreciated.


Given that the services were not in the IEP, you don't have many choices, especially since you have no proof of them offering these services for the future. Just having them in the past does not help much. Given they are not remembering offing services to you at the IEP, and the fact that you don't have a recording, you are at a huge disadvantage.

You can seek an assessment to have the school determine if these services are needed. We pretty much know what the outcome will be. Then you have to go the independent assessment rout I stated in my first answer.

The bottom line: if it's not in the IEP, it probably does not exist.

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