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The lockdown drills at school last year traumatized my special needs son and completely freaked out my daughter who has no
special issues. I dont think they make anyone safe, they scare the heck out of alot of kids. Is there a way a parent
can ask to remove her kids from school during the drill? They are not mandatory and I wish some parent would challenge them.
They are an excessive reaction to sandy hook. These kids cant model a real life attack and bringing them into rooms
to sit and wait isn't going to deter a crazy person. What are my rights here? Thanks.


I am sorry your kids are so terrified by the lockdown drills. Many schools are holding these in hopes of minimizing casualties in these random violent events. All I can suggest is for you to call an IEP Team Meeting for your son to see if anything can be done. I don't know of anything specifically in education law addressing this situation.

I hope the IEP Team can help you.

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