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In my district everyone is tightly knit so you can't go over anyone's head. Everyone agrees with everyone on everything. The assistant superintendent seems to us to have a very low opinion of special education students. Our school board has done some miserable things to other parents (not special education) so they are not a good bunch either. I thought the IDEA provision was the law. Why should an O.T. and not a speech pathologist evaluate my son for assistive tech? My son has no O.T. problems! Also she never stated the school was providing software, she stated they are providing hardware. But what is the hardware without the software? I want to file a complaint but I don't know where or how. Thanks.


Many districts have people trained in assistive technology that conduct the assessments. Maybe in your district this OT has received special training in order to conduct these assessments. But this is very unusual because the use of assistive technology is mostly for students with speech and language challenges. Even when a specialists conducts the assessment, the speech pathologist should be involved for speech related challenges.

Some parents of students I represent have gone so far as organizing other parents and seeking school board members sympathetic to their needs.

You can file a complaint with the state education department, but these are usually compliance complaints (when items in IEP are not being implemented) or safety related complaints. You always have the option of filing for Due Process, but this is a big fight usually requiring the services of an experienced advocate or education attorney.  

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