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My sons evaluation was done by an occupational therapist with some background in tech. No knowledge of speech she said or grade level educational apps

How can I draft a letter to district explaining this is not a reasonable tech evaluation.

The evaluator treated my son like severely autistic because that's her clientele.

All she recommended was awful spinning graphic rewards.

He doesn't like anything like that.

He hates pecs.  He's tuned out entirely to them.

He's fully verbal just with trouble expressing himself properly.  He understands fine. His verbal expression is good for what he knows. Very poor when he needs to express more in depth or outside of his knowledge.
He's years behind BUT with some decent language skills isolated. Much of the problem lies with his selective attention to boot. But he's very bright. And needs peers

I know software can help him but the district checked off doing an inappropriate eval.

Can I complain to the state?

They're dangling his placement all the time to get me to not ask for much.


States only get involved when the school fails to fulfill the requirements of an IEP (Compliance Complaint) or when there is a safety issue (Safety Complaint). I think you best bet is to meet with the head of special education in your district (as I recommended in my previous answer).

Technically the district conducted an Assistive Technology Evaluation. Unfortunately, they were not able to assess you son's needs. I believe a speech and language pathologist should do the evaluation to determine what his needs are. The trick is going to be finding one that has experience with kids having disabilities like your son's.

If the director of special education doesn't help, then make an appointment with the Superintendent.

Good luck.

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