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I'm worried of asd diagnosis.  It seems this follows kids and ruins the aat they treated. I thought functioning determined services not the diagnosis

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The assessments used by school psychologists are not very good at determining if a student in on the Spectrum. This makes medical diagnoses very important to qualifying students for the help they need. Special education records are kept at a higher level of confidentiality than normal school records. There is nothing on a transcript that will identify a student as having been in special education. Once a student reaches 21, he or she can request that all their school special education records be destroyed by the district. I have found some schools try to scare parents by stating things like, "You don't want you child to carry a label for the rest of their life." This is the furthest from the truth. To access all the special education services your child needs requires having the most accurate diagnosis of their qualifying condition.

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I have been an education advocate representing students and parents for six years. My experience includes: representing my clients in IEPs, SSTs, Due Process, review assessment results for my clients, and mediations. I have represented clients with learning disabilities, autism, Downs Syndrome, cognitively challenged, emotional problems, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and physical disabilities. I have also represented clients to County Mental Health Departments and Regional Centers. My clients range from pre-school to college students in many states.

I have a degree in Mathematics from the University of California with minors in Psychology and Physics. I also studied applied statistics in psychology at the graduate level. I have taught college classes, conducted seminars, written articles for various publications, and testified as an expert witness.

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