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My son was supposed to have an FBA. It was in our IEP. When February rolled around, they had given us nothing and not held any meeting. In the meantime, everything was getting progressively worse after a good start to the year. So they had two reasons to do the FBA, it was in the IEP and there was major deterioration that wasn't being addressed by the IEP. The next month they gave us some ambiguous notes and then in May they gave us an FBA that was completed in December but that no meeting was ever held about. No BIP was ever developed. I think this is a big violation of a FAPE but am unfamiliar with the law.

It it was committed to in the IEP, then it's a violation. You can file a Compliance Complaint with your State's Department of Education. This will cost you nothing. The State will investigate and rule that an FBA has to be completed properly. When an Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) is conducted, the results have to be presented to the IEP Team before being implemented. This should be included in the Compliance Complaint. To be a valid FBA, there has to be detailed behavior data compiled about the student's behaviors over a period of time (I ask for 4-6 weeks). It should include all behaviors, usually by hour and day. Then the FBA is developed using this important data.

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