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I'm In N.Y. and the state law requires they provide related services for kids who are home schooled
If you can answer the following, I'd be very grateful!
other questions
1) If my child has a severe disability, is he eligible for a tech eval for assistive tech? He qualified in school.
2) They gave me an insane schedule of services. It is disruptive to my homeschooling. The modifications they want to make are minimal. Can I ask for a list of acceptable providers so I can attempt to schedule this in  way that's actually good for my son too? He has many related services. Thank you!


Assistive Technology: This is a borderline issue. It depends on what technical assistance is required. Does it requires training for the instructor as well as the student? Does it require programming? Districts often fight this saying it requires too much support for them to supply for home schooling. If they agree, assess, and find your child needs a device, they can make you assume responsibility for it getting damaged or lost. Case law does not clarify this in your state as far as I know.

The law requires districts to supply direct services, but it gives them discretion as to when and where the services are provided. You can ask to work with the district, but the final decisions are up to them since they are providing services.

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