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Not sure if you can help but my district said my kid can only get half hour of speech because that's the law. Is it? He really would benefit and can handle 45 min. The other issue- is there a way to try to get insurance companies to cover 45 minutes of speech for a high needs child? Does the coverage mandate for autism only cover ABA? Thanks

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You have got to be kidding? I don't know where districts come up with these ridiculous statements. No only does the law NOT limit the time for speech services, U.S. law mandates that the district must meet the unique needs of the student. I have clients receiving 45 min. and one hour sessions of speech. In a few cases of very high need, they received these services 2-4 times per week.

Insurance companies should cover speech and language, OT, and ABA when needed. They may charge co-pays depending on your policy. Some insurance companies may still be fighting the loosing battle concerning not paying for ABA except for for children with Autism. You did not indicate the state you live in, I suggest you contact the insurance commissioner's office in your state to get their take on this.

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