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Wow. Thanks for the prompt comprehensive reply. You really know your stuff.
How long does an fba take because this is time sensitive.
I want to add that in the past both students and bus driver have blasted music on the bus.
I thought that music was not allowed on buses but I guess I'm wrong.
I found it not only jarring but didn't like choice of music.
I think my daughter thinks bus music is ok from this.
She does sing a lot.  She's pretty good and thinks she's going to be a singing star.
And yes I'm contending the onslaught of negative attention because it was so not nice has emboldened her

Hello, Susan,
Thank you for your kind acknowledgment.  The FBA is a process that should involve her whole multidisciplinary team, and it should be ongoing, so that a positive behavior intervention plan is developed, and consistently reviewed.  Your state has timelines for evaluations but I would advise you to ask the team to convene asap.  You should be a part of that process, to help the school design interventions you believe will work and so that you can also have the data regarding whether the interventions work.  Many busses have music playing from my experience.  If your daughter thought it was ok at first, but then received feedback that it is not OK, then that is something for you and the team to discuss.  Perhaps she could listen to her own singing on headphones on the bus or something like that.  But we have to understand the function of that behavior, what she is getting from the behavior and why it is happening so there can be proper interventions.  If there is a bigger issue about her being 'emboldened' by others' attention, that can affect other areas too.  I am happy she has found her love of singing and now we have to allow her to do it in a way that others appreciate. Thank you again for writing!

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