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Hi, I have a daughter with severe peanut allergy. The school is aware of it. It's not a peanut free school. My daughter has a bracelet and there's an EpiPen at school. She knows not to trade or share anything at lunch. My concern is the class parties where there's huge amount of food and messes and I don't want to hurt my daughter and make her miss partiesbut when I attended a class party where parents were invited, the chaos was off putting and I was scared something could happen with the food. Any ideas?


Peanut allergies are very serious. I represent students with this condition. You daughter should have a Medical Plan prepared by a district nurse and containing the doctor's orders for what to do in case of an alergic reaction. It needs to include specific instruction about when to call paramedics. My kids' doctors say they should be called when ever the EpiPen is administered. People in the school office or the teacher need to be trained in administering The EpiPen. She should have a 504 Plan or an IEP. You need to make sure everyone working with her is aware of her condition and that they review her Medical Plan.

Parties are a major challenge. The only safe way is for you to be there watching out for your daughter. School personnel are going to be too occupied to help much. And most people don't know how many foods contain peanut something.

More and more districts are setting up peanut free schools because this allergy is so common. Maybe you can see about rounding up other parents in your district to see if you can make this happen.  

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