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My 9 year old is ADHD Ocd coromorbid
Both interfere with functioning at school.
The school said it can't provide therapy because these are medical problems.
They want to consult with an outside psychologist but I spoke to the psychologist and he was very stern and not someone I have a sense would be good with my son.
We all need to work together.  There are many psychologists and they jumped on the first person they contacted.
If we didn't all need to be in sync it wouldn't matter but if someone is going to help bridge the gap between home and school I want to feel comfortable with them. Any advice?
They insist they need an outside consult to do an fba but I feel they're stalling.


The school district should give you at least 3 psychologists to choose from. And if you don't want to accept any of these, they should give you more names or you can provide names to them. A good outside consult may be good for your child, but only if they are the right one.

Schools often push things off on the medical people. In this case there may be some merit to this. Check with your child's medical insurance to see what they will cover in the way of therapy.  

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