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I am a School Psychologist at a public school in CA with a large program for students with Autism. A student transferred into our district with an existing IEP and was placed in our program. The teacher has scheduled a 30-day review (it has been scheduled 20 days after initial enrollment), but the Annual IEP was due 2 days after the initial enrollment. Are we out of compliance by scheduling an IEP after the Annual due date?

Although there is some variance on these two combined issues the primary concern of the District is toward the 30 day review.  The team can and I would recommend that in conjunction with the 30 day evaluation that the annual IEP also be held, gathering as much information as possible in order to establish new timelines of progress and evaluations.

Remember that even though you are technically out of compliance the provisions of transferring students does allow some leeway into these matters.  By holding the 30 day and the IEP in the same meeting (making sure that the meeting itself is separated by purpose with the 30 day eval first and the annual to follow) any serious concerns of non-compliance can be averted and explained if audited.

If any concerns regarding the hasty IEP come up, simply convene another to iron out the details.  Make sure that the parents or guardians are fully aware of the issues, procedures and compliance attempts.

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