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Thanks for the reply.  I do want to be clear
1) I didn't know he had a token board. I don't like them and all research shows these systems fail. They sometimes work for a limited time but produce nothing lasting or in their absence
2) some kids respond poorly as in they rebel against the control.  So this has not only not helped it's hurt
3) we agreed to do fba.  I signed document.  They just didn't do it. I can't make them.
4) if the state investigates does it issue any ruling that could be useful? Has this ever helped? Seems like the state would go along with thr school.
5) my son used to be happy.  He cries daily in school now. He won't do work and is upset there aren't rewards. At home he does homework without rewards or coaxing
6) would not doing an fba even after requested at start of year qualify as denial of fape?


Tokens work for some students and not others.

The law says they have 60 days (holidays and vacation days don't count) from date you signed an Assessment Plan to conduct the FBA and report their findings in an IEP.

The school not doing it is a violation of FAPE and a Compliance Issue. You can either file for Due Process or File a Compliance Complaint with the State Dept. of Education. The Compliance Complaint is much less costly and sometimes faster. They do tend to side with the schools, but this is blatant so they will order the school to complete it. I always ask, in the proposed remedy, that they not only have to do the FBA, they also need to train all their staff in the timeline requirements. This costs them time and money which may lead to a faster solution. You can file on-line at the state website: Search "Compliance Complaint."

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