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what is the difference between a 504 and an IEP? Does a student need to have an official disability for a 504? WHat if they are not performing as well as you think and you think they would do much better with accommodation. Guess I'm asking if 504 requires a diagnosis. To be specific, my son really needs movement breaks, I see it at home. I wouldn't say he's ADD but its a simple thing he genuinely benefits from.

504 Plans versus IEP.
The IEP is prefered for many reasons:
1. More enforceable.
2. Must be held annually.
3. Must be assessed every 3 years.
4. Can file Compliance Complaints with your state.
5. The scheduling of Due Process Hearings is well defined.
6. Teachers are required to read IEP's and Case Carriers must distribute the IEP's to all teachers.

Districts often push 504 Plans to avoid costs and enforcement (must file complaint with Office of Civil Rights). In the case of your son, I suggest you request in writing that he be assessed for Special Education. They have to assess him and report their findings. They can recommend a 504 Plan instead of an IEP.

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