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Thank you for all the info and I am sorry I am still confused. I have never heard of charter homeschool. I think that is only in cities not suburbs but I could be wrong. I could commute 30 minutes but not the city, it's too far.
Also, I know someone who homeschooled in NYC and then sued the school for reimbursement. I am not clear on the details but it seemed to me they filed after the fact for due process. I thought you could file up to two years. If I withdraw my son to homeschool and send a letter of denial of FAPE, are you saying I cannot file for due process within 2 years? I didn't realize it needed to be immediate. I wanted to show progress in a different environment. I do feel I can show lack of progress at school because he wasn't doing work in the class. How can you learn without doing anything? I've heard of worse but it's pretty bad.

In most areas there are online schools that are free to you because they are charter schools under the auspices of far away school districts. They supply you books, curriculum, and online instruction (in some cases). They also have to provide students special education services if they qualify for them. I just Googled:

charter home schools New York state

and came up with numerous listings. Take a look.

There are many stories out there of parents beating school districts in Due Process Cases. Your state has a website set up with Due Process Decisions. You should look to see if any of these cases are what you were told happened. I seriously doubt it.

Filing for Due Process is a big undertaking. You have to prove to a judge that your child has not made educational progress. This is hard to prove and the district will bring in many experts to say he is making progress. Most parents who do this themselves loose. And even if you have an advocate or lawyer, you still have to have a very good case to win. Take a look at the ruling before you go this route. I take my cases to hearing if I am convinced we have a good chance of wining.

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