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I have a son with mild to moderate ASD going to school. He is very bright but will definitely require a para to function in gen ed. I do not want him restricted because he really needs peer interaction. How does one best go about making the case for the LRE? When do courts typically rule against parents in the case of LRE. Thank you.

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The simple answer is to request a 504 evaluation. A 504 is a powerful provision within the ADA  (Americans with disabilities act) and may provide your son with the help he needs to utilize his intelligence dispite his Asbergers.

Just like a student who is hard of hearing may need devises or preferred seating, your son needs aassistance to level out his disability and partake of the general educational opportunities.

He may not need special glasses or hearing devises but he does need some assistance to mitigate his challenges. the determination will generally be a team effort with your input having an equal voice in your sons best interest.

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