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My son has speech problems and adhd with a para. He is amazing in math. It doesn't always show in class but yet he's scored above 90% on every exam. The school is trying to paint it like he's too difficult or "uneven" to be in the gifted program even though he's scored high on all the exams so how is that uneven? Is there something I can do? Challenging work brings out the best in my child.

Your school district should have published requirements for being in their gifted student program. Review these to see if your son meets the requirements. So long as your son is not disruptive in the class and meets the requirements, they should allow him to participate. Often kids that are really good in a subject, act out because they are bored with what is being taught in the subject -- it is too basic for them.

His para should help him in the gifted class to stay focused and on topic. But if he is disruptive, they have the right to remove him from this class. An alternative that some of my clients have done is to have the student work on gifted student assignments, but in a different classroom. The law says that all of his unique needs must be met.

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