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Hi, I asked for my son to get an O.T. eval and I expressed no other concerns. He does amazingly in school. They subjected him to TWO I.Q. tests and he did well but in the middle he stopped answering questions which they noted and they still compiled a score! The score was OK but should've been through the roof (interestingly, it was in the beginning portions!) That's not fair to him. He's an A student, he has many friends, he's 8 and he didn't need this. It's not right. Is there something I can do to dispute this. And are two I.Q. tests required just because you have concerns about your child's handwriting legibility? This seems so absurd and a waste of resources not to mention it annoyed the heck out of my son apparently.  Is it necessary by law to give two I.Q. tests when a parent expresses concerns only about handwriting legibility? I really would feel awful if all of this wasn't NECESSARY. He had two IQ tests, OT, psychological evaluation for my concern about handwriting legibility. The teacher report was pretty good and he is straight A so I didn't understand the overload.

Your concerns have hit upon a recent but growing issue within education and it is similar to the problems we're all having with health care.  Those issues relate to the overall competence and individual mandates of those within to act responsibly, hence the copious tests "just to make sure" and the associated problems of tests being interpreted by either unqualified or uncaring individuals that in many cases cause more problems than the initial evaluation.

That was my soap box....What your school district did was completely unnecessary.  Your son's abilities, his IQ were not in question and should not have been tested.  You specifically asked for an OT Evaluation, intelligence has very little to do with this except when the level of IQ is such that basic motor controls are affected.  

The school or district may not ever admit this mistake but I would try to expunge the test results from his record on the grounds that they were unnecessary and that they were incomplete and don't forget they were not requested.....(that is your strongest defense against their probable refusal to expunge)

Regarding the OT needs I would give the district one more chance to complete the requested evaluation before demanding an outside resource be used based on your growing concern for their incompetence.  The sad part is they will never recognize that incompetence and you will end up paying for the eval on your own, which, if I may say is probably a good idea anyway.

One off the wall question:  Is your son concerned about the results of the unfinished IQ test?  I ask mainly because of his possible curiosity, now that he's been exposed and the ramifications of feelings in relation to being subjected to the test and now having a lower score than he could have achieved.

IQ is only a very small potion of a personís true intelligence and most tests can only really evaluate within a set, limited parameter.  Please reinforce your son's abilities and intelligence ...Just a thought...you know what's best.

Good luck and thanks for asking


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