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Hi, I asked for my son to get an O.T. eval and I expressed no other concerns. He does amazingly in school. They subjected him to TWO I.Q. tests and he did well but in the middle he stopped answering questions which they noted and they still compiled a score! The score was OK but should've been through the roof (interestingly, it was in the beginning portions!) That's not fair to him. He's an A student, he has many friends, he's 8 and he didn't need this. It's not right. Is there something I can do to dispute this. And are two I.Q. tests required just because you have concerns about your child's handwriting legibility? This seems so absurd and a waste of resources not to mention it annoyed the heck out of my son apparently.  Is it necessary by law to give two I.Q. tests when a parent expresses concerns only about handwriting legibility?

When you seek special education services for your child, the school is required to conduct certain assessments of your child. These must include determining your child's cognitive ability (using two different tests), academic achievement, and assessments designed to measure the specific suspected disabilities of the child. In no way are these tests being done to assume your child has any deficits, but rather the build a complete picture of your child's strengths and possible weaknesses. Your school is following the law. You are being provided with very informative information about your child. He should be given the opportunity to take another assessment to replace the one he stopped in the middle of.  

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