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How long after a CSE request is made does school have to do it
They scheduled me a month out and I feel issues are time sensitive

The normal timeline calls for the CSE (evaluation for special education) be completed within 60 school days of your signing the Assessment Plan. But this clock is put on hold for the summer break. You have to count the number of school days between your signing date and the last day of school. Then you deduct this number from 60 to determine how many school days they have after school begins again before they have to hold an IEP and report their results to you.

Note, you can request seeing the assessment reports in advance of the IEP and they have to provide them. But the law is vague concerning how much time in advance they are supposed to comply. It says, "in a reasonable time in advance of the IEP." But there is no definition of "reasonable." Just let them know in writing that you want them. If you send an email, ask them to confirm their receipt.

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