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I understand we can ask for Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)  at public expense if we disagree with  School's evaluation.  I also understand that School has 5 days to either agree to pay OR file a Hearing explaining why their evaluation is correct.

Can you help me understand if the 5 day include time during summer vacation (school office is open  but school is closed due to vacation) ?

MA regulations say that they have 10 days from the time they receive a written request for an IEE to respond in writing and hold an IEP Team Meeting if needed. It does not directly state the impact on this time line of vacations. Most other timelines are put on hold during summer break. Unlike most other states, MA regulations also state that based on income, families can be made to pay for part or all of the EII cost. [603 CMR 28.04(5)(c) and (d)].

In all states requesting an IEE can be a trap. The federal law says the District must either grant the IEE request of file for Due Process to prove that the requested assessment is not needed. These cases become a battle of the experts. This means the parents have to pay an expert to testify about what is wrong with the District's assessment. I recommend that my clients have the area their are concerned about (i.e. speech, OT, ABA) be assessed using their medical insurance. Then they submit their independent findings to the District along with the request for an IEE. Districts almost always grant the IEE when we have done this. Another important part of an IEE is that the assessor must be mutually agreed to by both the parent(s) and the District.

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