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My school says I need a CSe to determine if my son qualifies for a tech Eval.  We requested a tech Eval in writing.

My son has a significant speech delay and loves tech. Everyone has noted this. It's a joke. His tech Eval years ago led to a report withheld and lies. The evaluator recommended much more evaluation.  They lied about this. It's scary. We only found out there was a report last month! This was years ago!

Previously the school agreed to an evaluation but hired a handwriting specialist to conduct it. There were no useful recommendations. This was  at the start of the year. It was ludicrous and they did it to check off they did it. So it's odd now they say we need to see if the team agrees.  They said they had no one qualified. Now after that they say I need a cSe to determine if he qualifies for a tech Eval. It's nervy. What can I do? Is it true I need a Cse to see if it's recommended after they did it twice with nothing????

First, in my many, many years in Special Education I have not heard the title cSe...I am assuming from what you say that it is a communications expert as related to technical equipment.  It is possible that New York State requires an evaluation related to the use of technology to provide specially designed instruction.  You can google search New York State Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services and call them to ask if that is a local requirement or a state requirement.

All specially designed instruction, which is the definition of special education in IDEA, comes from evaluative data.  The lack of "qualified" personnel does not alleviate the requirement for your son to receive free appropriate public education (FAPE).  If he has shown a greater ability to master general education through the use of technology, then there is no evaluative data that can deny him this service.  In my career as an administrator I made many decisions in IEP Team meetings to provide technology for a student to meet their educational needs.  I am not a "qualified" evaluator in that specific area, nor was anyone else on those teams qualified to assess.  I always made certain that a occupational therapist was a part of the team, as they know best how technology may be used.  In your son's case, much of the technology needed should come under the expertise of a good speech pathologist.  

I would make an appointment with your school district's Director of Special Education, and describe what you are feeling regarding your son's lack of appropriate services just because the team can't find someone qualified to certify that he needs what you know he needs.  If the Director can't intervene and assist you then call that state department number and ask for dispute resolution.  When you talk to someone in dispute resolution they will tell you how to file a formal complaint, mediate, or go to due process hearing.  It sounds from your description that you have a legitimate complaint.  I wish you luck.


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