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If I am withdrawing a child from school claiming lack of fapr, notice to homeschool be of denial of fape, how should I craft the note so I don't disqualify myself from future due process. Thanks in advance

Tim Jon Runner, Advocate for Kids
Tim Jon Runner, Advoca  

In New York, you can't just withdraw you child from school if the child is of mandatory school age. You also run the risk in Due Process of the school stating your child in no longer enrolled in their district making them no longer responsible for services. You do have an option. You can have the child's doctor prescribe home/hospital teaching. The district will have to send a teacher to your home for one or two days per week to teach your child.

If you decide to home school or place your child in an online school, you will have to transfer districts. Once you do this, your current district is no longer responsible for the child because they are no longer registered in their district.

Home/Hospital is your only option that protects your right to file for Due Process.

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