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My son is ten y.o w severe general anxiety
His anxiety is much worse at school than home
Though at home he barely sleeps
I have a dr willing to provide support for home bound
The school has never implemented the iep
As written. I can't afford due process and
In the meantime school starts soon and I cannot
Send my son. I will lose a decent second income keeping him
Home but he has so much terror at school from all the wrong things they did
Essentially they treated his disorder as willful and I am too tired to fight
I asked for a half day they said no. I am going to pull him out bc no other choice
Filing compliance with state won't help. Still waiting for state to even call the school
Caring for son all day i can't spend time on letters and evidence and lawyers
He has dx severe anxiety general. A dr is on my side about the home but what can I do next?
I am in Upstate NY. thanks

Tim Jon Runner, Advocate for Kids
Tim Jon Runner, Advoca  

Given all the options you have stated you can't do, there are but three left for you to consider.

1) If a medical doctor prescribes home/hospital teaching, the school district must provide a teacher to come to your home and work with your son. The normal computation is one hour per week of home teaching for every daily hour of class. This means most students are taught in their home one or two days per week. An adult in the home will have to work with him on the days the teacher is not there. The school will provide all the text books. Your district is supposed to continue providing special educations services as called for in the IEP.

2) You can enroll your son in a home school program. This involves your son transferring to the school district in which the home charter school is affiliated. The school will provide text books, work books, tests, and some supplies allowance. You will have to do all the teaching. They usually have a teacher available to answer your questions and support you. Your new district has to continue honoring your son's IEP.

3) You can enroll your son in an online school. This is like option 2) but it has online teaching going on. Your son participates online in the classes. This puts much of the teaching burden on the online school. But you will still have to have help with homework and understanding complex concepts. The online school has to honor your son's IEP and provide needed services. Again, your son is transferring districts.

You can research on Google about each of these options available in your area. With school starting I encourage you to have the doctor authorize Home/Hospital until to decide which course of action you want to take.

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