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My son has an A.S.D and really poor speech for his age (9)
He currently has daily speech but 4 are group. I like group but instead of games it seems to be too much balancing all the needs.  I think he needs more individual. Also the sessions are only 30 minutes. The school said its all they can do. Is that true? How can I get more help? My son talks like he's 4.

The law clearly says that the schools are supposed to supply the student the services needed based on his unique needs. Clearly you son is being underserved. But the school obviously does not agree. Their stating, "It's all we can do" does not meet the requirements of the law. But they know it may take you having to file for Due Process to force them to do more. Their speech pathologists will testify that their current level of services is all your son requires.

Most medical insurance plans will pay part or all of the cost of a speech and language assessment. Try to have an assessment completed for your son. Ask that the assessor specify what level of services they recommend, both private and group. Then submit the report to your district. The law only says they must consider it. But if it recommends more than they are doing, you have a basis for seeking more services. It also shows them you are ready to file for Due Process if you have to.

Once you have your own report you can also ask for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) in the area of speech and language. If they agree, you jointly agree to an assessor and they pay for the assessment. Keep in mind that they still don't have to follow the recommendations of the IEE assessor. But this puts you in a much stronger position in filing for Due Process, and they will know it. There is a risk with seeking an IEE, the district can file for Due Process against you claiming there is no need for an IEE. But if you have your independent assessor report, they would be foolish to do so. It costs them thousands of dollars in legal fees to file. The IEE would be less costly.

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