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Hi Norm ,

My son who is 6 years and in Kindergarten was just evaluated for lateral lisp . And I have to go in for a meeting for IEP. My concen and question for you is does being in this program affect my child's school record rven after he is out of IEP . Does this permanently stay on your school record .
Will he be always looked at as a Special Ed kid ? My older son says not to put my little one in that program cause he will be teased in school . He thinks its a bad thing to be in special ed and kids make fun of you if u go in that program. We live in NJ.
Please help !

If he is getting services because of a lateral lisp, a verbal output problem, then he will see the Speech Langauge Pathologist (sometimes also called Therapist) and won't be in the pull out resource room for kids with academic problems, most likely.  In that case there will not be any teasing or other problems.  Schools work very hard to prevent what your older son describes, and for that reason a lot of programs are done in the general classroom now.

As far as records, once you child has met his goals they will exit him from special education.  The records are all confidential, meaning that no one has access to the records except those who have a need to know, like his teachers.  After he is exited the records are destroyed at the end of 3 years.  

I would recommend that you share these concerns with the IEP team and if they can ease your worries proceed.  If you don't precede, your son's lateral lisp may never change and he will always talk differently, which means that then he is still subject to what you fear, teasing, etc.  If you don't take the public school therapy, then I would find a private Speech Pathologist to correct his speech outside of school.  It is possible that your insurance would assist with this.

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