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We have a 16 year son who goes to 11th grade in a learning disability school (out of district placement).
We recently had a private evaluation for him and was shocked.  

The evaluator used WIAT-III   and placed him at Second Grade level for reading comprehension and Written Expression whereas just a few months back he passed the grade 10 Standardized State test in both ELA and Math  with low average scores!  

I am trying to find where the disconnect is and what is the true future of our child

Hi Kris,
I imagine that was shocking. There are a few possibilities. One is that your son did not do as well as he could have on the WIAT-II because of things like being tired, hungry, unmotivated, not interested, not understanding the directions, etc. Another possibility is that the test was better at picking up on some of his specific weaknesses. For example, some reading comprehension tests allow the student to refer back to the reading when answering questions while others require the student to recall information from memory without being allowed to read back. I don't know what state test he took but, unfortunately, many of them require only the most basic skills to pass so they can be misleading. I wonder what you have seen from him regarding these skills? You said it was shocking so I'm wondering if these results are not consistent with what you see. What do his teachers think? Are there any other reading/writing tests that you could compare these results to? Many tutoring centers will do reading assessments which could give you more information. Bottom line is that I would not take the results of any one single test too seriously. You want to look at all of the evidence together to see if that test is consistent with other information. I hope this helps.
Best wishes,

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