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Hi thanks for replying.  I'm
Sure my dr would write the Rx but honestly a specialized out of pocket psychologist treats my daughter. Can he write the Rx? Is there a way to go about part time schooling to get socialization.  I understand your advocacy of online schools and will look into it.  But understand my daughter wasn't functioning in school no matter what they did and they hid things from me!  Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also can assure you panic disorder is worse than you can imagine. My daughter was adopted and I fear she was abused as an infant. But I can't deal in the past only with what's now.

I believe I also told you of the option for home/hospital teaching. You must get a medical doctor (psychiatrists are MD's, but psychologists are not) to prescribe this. Then the school must provide it. Your daughter will receive 1 hour per week per class. Then it's up to her to do the home work.

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I have been an education advocate representing students and parents for six years. My experience includes: representing my clients in IEPs, SSTs, Due Process, review assessment results for my clients, and mediations. I have represented clients with learning disabilities, autism, Downs Syndrome, cognitively challenged, emotional problems, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and physical disabilities. I have also represented clients to County Mental Health Departments and Regional Centers. My clients range from pre-school to college students in many states.

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