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I homeschooled my son last year because the school was bad. He had evaluations last year. If I want services from the school do I need to redo the evaluations annually or is every three years sufficient? I don't know the law. They said I have to do the evals. Also is there any law that says I cannot be present?

It depends on who did the evaluations last year. If the school district did them, then it's their call about doing any or all of them again. If they were done independently, then they will most likely want to do their own. I recommend to my clients that they agree to have the school conduct assessments. If they don't agree, I have seen school districts file for Due Process against the parents and they can try to exit the child from all special education services.

The law requires that special education students be reevaluated at least every 3 years. But depending on the age of the child and what assessments were done by whom, these can take place more often.

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