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What is the max speech a school can provide? My sons three years behind in speech and only has speech 4x a week and two are group and sessions are 30 min

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Jamie Han,
There is no limit on the amount of services a child can receive. The law says that a qualified expert (district's choice speech pathologist) is supposed to assess your child then develop goals. Based on the goals, they are supposed to recommend the level of services. You have to take into account what your son is missing out on in class when he is being pulled for speech services.

Your son is receiving about as high a level of services as that received by any of my clients. You can have an outside speech pathologist assess your son and recommend goals and levels of service. But the district only has to consider these results. You can also focus of defining the maximum size of the group sessions. I usually push for small groups of no more than 3 students.

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