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I am seeking an evaluation for my son. Education/Neuro. The school said it can be done privately and they would pay. I know there is an upper limit that they have a standard range. My question is if I pay can I seek reimbursement?  The reason I am seeking private is because there was a strong suspicion on my part they biased the last evaluator in advance. I had very strong circumstantial evidence for this. They denied it (not so adamantly) and I think agreed to the private for this reason. The last evaluation is four years old so legally another one needs to be done. I know I may get stuck but it's so important to me to have a legitamet evaluation however it turns out.


The IEE (Individual Educational Evaluation) is paid for by the district using an assessor mutually agreed to by the school district and the parent. Neither side gets to pick the assessor unilaterally.

There is an important fact that you need to consider: the District is only required to "consider" the private assessment results whether you or they pay for it. This means you can go to all this expense without any assurances that the school district is going to follow the recommendations of the private assessor. If you are planning to file for Due Process against the district, you will need to have your own assessors conduct assessments for you to use to prove your case. I like to select assessors that are not only experienced in education assessments, but also can testify effectively in Hearing.

If you pay for an independent assessment, the district is not obligated to pay for it either directly or by reimbursing you. I would recommend that you try to get the district to follow the law by working with you to select a mutually agreed to assessor that they pay for. This assessment should be conducted by a neuropsychologist, if possible, because they have more specific training in the neuro area. Districts can be ordered to reimburse you in Due Process.

There is a legal requirement that the district conduct new assessments in all areas of disability every three years and hold a Triennial IEP where the results are presented.

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