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My son's in an integrated class.  I am helping him
With homework I thinks excessive. He can't do it alone.
I want to know what kind of hw accommodations can be provided bc this isn't fair to me.

I have to assume that your son has an IEP and is in a class of fellow special ed students along with general education students. You need to ask for an IEP Team Meeting where you have the team address your son's situation with homework. They should explore tutoring, study skills class (in middle and high schools), and having a high achieving student tutor you son after school hours. I have been able to achieve these things for many of the students I represent.

The law says that the school is responsible for providing each special education student a "Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)." It does not require parents to provide extensive homework support. But it is your responsibility to tell the IEP Team what is going on and ask that they provide the help needed. Since your son is achieving passing grades, thanks to your help, the school is not aware of the truth about how much you are having to help.

They should also consider an Accommodation for him limiting the amount of homework he has to do. I have many students I represent with this in their IEPs. For example, for math homework it is common to have the student only do every other problem rather than all the problems and reduce the required length of written assignments. They are also allowed extra time to complete homework assignments. It should not be your responsibility to work constantly with your son to accomplish his homework.

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