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Special Education/autism and learning difficulties.


My son is almost 8 and diagnosed with moderate autism and moderate learning difficulties. He attends a special school for children with moderate learning difficulties. I am becoming increasingly concerned regarding his lack of progress in reading and writing and am unsure if the school are offering everything they should to aid his progress. He can write his name and recognises maybe a handful of letters. |He can copy other words although it is difficult to read what he has written unless you know what he has copied. Most of his letters are reversed or even upside down and his teacher has said she has to give him one word at a time or they all become jumbled, even on the wrong side of the page. She mentioned the possibility of dyslexia but at present has not had any assessment for this and really struggling with learning his letters and no progress at all in reading. He cannot read any words although understands b for ball for example but if you ask him to find something in the room beginning with a particular letter he cannot do it. He brings home first stage reading books and learns them rote using the pictures as a guide but if you take the pictures away cannot tell you what any of the words are. I was told by someone that if a child has moderate learning difficulties they cannot test for dyslexia although his teacher has mentioned it but nothing happening and he just isn't making any progress. Should more be being done? Does he need a different way of teaching? As he is a child with moderate learning difficulties should I just accept this? I am beginning to wonder if he'l ever read and write.

Hello to you, Sharon!

I'm confident that he WILL ever read and write.  You definitely shouldn't just accept this, because this is easily sortable out if one knows how.  Since I work exactly with cases like that of your son, all the issues that he's facing are new to me and I've written about them in these links exactly for parents in a similar situation to yours so that they could either invest in working with me or just help their children at home from the tips in my articles.

I advise that you take time to read the articles behind these links.  They'll answer many parts of your question and you may even be able to help your son at home.  If you aren't, I can work with you and him on Skype while I'm based in Toronto Canada, or will be physically based in London UK [where you seem to have indicated to be writing from] after Dec 2.  

Article 1:
Article 2:
Article 3:
Article 4:
Article 5:

And as you mentioned recognizing letters, these articles will speak to you too:

I could relate to hearing you say that the prospect of reading all these articles feels overwhelming as you see them all listed like this.  But believe me, answering your fantastic question this way will turn out far more comprehensive if you take time to read the articles that interest you than me repeating myself.  Besides, this site gives only so many characters for me to fit the answer into and I might run out of them.

All these articles are from my blog.  If you visit any of those links, you'll notice that my blog has 2 categories.  One is for learning difficulties.  Feel free to explore it - you may find other gems there.  

And lastly, I'm confident to say that no, the school isn't doing enough for your son, because the UK's educational system still has no idea of how to treat exceptionally creative people like your son.  Unfortunately, educational systems in other countries aren't much better, if they're better at all.  There's nothing wrong with your son, Sharon.  There's everything right - he's an exceptionally creative person!  But in the context of reading his exceptional creativity is currently a drawback, because he's using it over fantastically for words, which doesn't work the same way as using it for movies...  You'll read about all that in the articles.  As I said, I can work with you and him on Skype, or in person in London after Dec 2 if none of my advice helps you.

I thank you immensely for your fantastic question, am glad that my profile caught your eye, and invite you to keep in touch with me.  

With :) & +NRG,

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