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I had a bizarre experience. My son is beginning school with his Iep that I wanted to change.  
I requested a cse about 6 weeks ago. The school didn't reply. I resent the request and left messages. They
Got back to me after school began.  They apologized and said they didn't receive 3 voicemails and 3 emails and the latter I have proof of. Now they said they can schedule the cse right away.  So I gave them dates for next week. I know they read that email because I ran into the teacher. No reply! So I don't know if it's next week and I can't know last minute if I'm to take a day off. It's been a nightmare. They've scheduled cse in the past at 1:30.  I take off a whole day Bc my commute is long and then I need a second cse. I really think they do this all purposely. What can I do if anything. I requested a cse three times in writing six weeks ago. They ignored it let school start. Then they said ok right away. I send them dates and no reply about next week.

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Advocates for Kids  
The federal law, IDEA, is very clear on this: IEPs must be scheduled at a date and time convenient to the parents. It goes on to say they must give you 15 day notice. Typically, they give the parent a choice of three dates and times. If none of those are convenient for the parents, they must supply more. Usually, they ask the parents for guidelines for what works best for them.

Obviously, your school is ignoring this law. Given their lame excuses, they are not doing their job. In their defense, the 15 day timeline starts on the first day of school for requests made before that day.

Given what your school is doing about just setting the IEP, I encourage you to make audio recordings of all IEP meetings. There are free apps for cell phones that can do this -- just be sure to use on that saves the recording in an .mp3 file so you can download it to your computer. To do this you have to give the school 1 school day notice of your intent to record the IEP.

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