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Hi Stu,

First off all, I would like to thank-you for answering my question about two years ago. I was in a slump and was not sure what direction to head in with my retail shop. Since then I have opened a second store and I am looking at opening a third soon. Your answer helped improve my business in many ways and I am very grateful.

My question today is about our third shop. We have two in one city, but would like to take the plunge and open a store in another city. After researching what area I would like my store in (socioeconomic, customer base), and weighing up the costs of rent, shop size etc, I finally found the perfect shop. Except for one thing - there is another store within walking distance, that will be very similar to ours. Our business is a niche craft store.

At first I thought I would definitely have to continue my search, but then I got to thinking that perhaps having two of these shops within walking distance could be a good thing. People will be drawn to that suburb as there is not only one shop there, but two.

But of course maybe I am just clutching at straws! The suburb is ideal, so I don't want to give up on the idea of opening a store in that city just because someone beat me to it. Thanks very much!

Hi Michelle

Glad my earlier answers were of some assistance.

Before you decide to open close to a competitor, you must first understand more about that competitor. A detailed competitor analysis is a must.

I know of many retailers who have had success with a couple of stores and then opened one which has not worked out and ends up being propped up by the profitable stores, draining cash and resources.

Your competitor analysis must include the following:
* pricing - how do you compare
* service
* range
* points of difference and/or unique selling points
* marketing (how do they promote themselves?)
* merchandising
* store presentation (is the store well presented? are there things that need fixed - faulty lights, bad flooring, broken signage? if so, it may indicate they are stuck in their ways and not likely to cause a threat to you)

If you can demonstrate to yourself that your business is ahead on all the key areas, and you have detailed forecasts taking into account your rents etc, and fully understand your break even cost, you can then make a decision.

Is being near a competitor bad? Not for you - but certainly for them, especially if you have the better range, pricing strategy, fit out, service, etc. Just make the decision based on the facts, and if the numbers and analysis show the store will generate profits, then go for it! Just make sure you have all the information to hand - you can never have enough.


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