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hiya my 3 year old sons speech isnt that good i have herd alot of children younger then him that can speek alot better some time he speeks like a robot and 9x out of 10 repeats the last letter in a word eg i want this s s s or that t t t he some times repeats the whole word in a wisper at least 3 times he also has trouble with words beginging with c eg instead of saying coke he will say hoke
he is very shy and if i take him to places like the wacky warehouse he wont play at all
he also wont wee on hes potty ive tryed lots of diffrent tacktics to try and learn him how but he tells me hes scared he also gets angry quickly i just wanted to no are all these things normal thanks

You may want to ask the developmental pediatrician  to look at him or call Early intervention if you have this in the UK to look at him. It may or may not be normal but at 3 children should start to tell stories and reflect a larger understanding of things too.
I am not clear on sounds he is producing from this email or not. Get him looked at by Early intervention. Have him screened since its hard to tell what is happening from this and what it could be.

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I can not evaluate a child or person over the computer. I can provide generalities based on my extensive knowledge and expertise in second language acquisition and speech pathology.


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