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My daughter is 31 month old. I've had her evaluated by our private insurance and local regional center. Both evaluations have just highlighted speech as a concern. She started speech about a month ago and early preschool, but I'm still concerned. Her spontaneous speech picked up a little; she'll say things such as "mom look" or "mom stop", but she still doesn't verbally request by specifically saying what she wants or what she wants us to pay attention to. Also, I've noticed she picked up phrases at school such as; "go away", "let go", etc.  Would you say she successfully moving forward to catch up with her peers?

Did you ever consider telepractice as a form of speech therapy? Its very effective. Its online speech therapy. We are just getting started..
the heart of almost 3 is the child who begins telling stories. using more content. Do you see your child doing this?
I would need more information..perhaps an evaluation summary so review....feel free to send bilingualspeechpath@gmail.com

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I can not evaluate a child or person over the computer. I can provide generalities based on my extensive knowledge and expertise in second language acquisition and speech pathology.


Deborah Jill Chitester received her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University in New York and was granted her Certificate of Clinical Competence (C.C.C) by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). She has 12 years experience working with all age levels both mono-lingual and Spanish speaking, having received special certification by the State of New York as a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Speech-Language Pathologist. Deborah has worked with all age levels and all disabilities. She began her practice in New York, where she worked with both private patients as well as with the major school systems and corporations. She treats both monolingual and Spanish speaking clients of all ages and disabilities and utilizes some of the latest computer based treatment especially designed to promote optimal language development. Due to the use of her “linguistic features” approach, her client mix is increasingly more culturally linguistically diverse encompassing those representing almost all backgrounds presently comprising Asians, Arabs, Pakistani , etc. Deborah is an advocate of “highest quality service provider” having given many speaking engagements at parent/special interest support groups to inform and educate parents regarding appropriate educational practices for second language learners. One presentation also dealt with the facilitation of literacy instruction particularly reading in the English Language Learner population. She provides professional development in this area both locally and nationally. Lastly, She provides specialized language services for internationally adopted children and provides consultative services for parents concerning the importance of distinguishing second language aspects from true speech and language disorders. In 2007 her first resource guide called Unlocking the Enigma of the Second Language Learner: An Educator and Parental Resource Guide was released. (Llumina Press)

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MS Speech Language PAthology CCC-Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA Bilingual Extension as a bilingual speech pathologist

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