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Do you have any suggestions for kids who can produce a sound in isolation but not in syllables? She can only do it if she pauses between the consonant and vowel or she adds /h/ between the consonant and vowel.

Great question Kristin!

My first question is - are you a Speech-Language Pathologist? I only ask because it's a pretty specific question. Either way, I would like to know more about the age of the child. It's a pretty typical developmental error that can be corrected fairly easily with speech therapy.

Let me know about how old the child is and whether you're an SLP or parent and I can give you some additional info  :-)

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I am happy to answer any questions about speech, language, cognition and swallowing. I work primarily with adults, but will also take questions about pediatrics. Please note, my advice is NOT a substitute for an in-person clinical evaluation.


I work full-time at a rehabilitation hospital in the Boston area. My experience is mainly with adult patients who have acquired communication and cognitive disorders as a result of strokes, brain injuries and neurological disorders such as MS, ALS and Parkinson's disease.

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