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I have cumin, coriander, cardamom, cloves, ginger used for roasted spicy pumpkin seeds recently. Now my neck feel itches and have rash. I'm thinking those above spicy maybe drive me allergic. I had them over ten years. Is its old days spice still can be used in food.

The age of the spices is of no importance when it comes to allergies.

Always buy spices in small quantities and grind your own. Discard old spices.

If you toast and grind your own, it can not be adulterated with foreign substances.

Those non-spice substances may be what you are allergic to.

IF you are allergic to a spice, (and that is uncommon), it must be avoided.

ONLY a medical doctor can determine that by injecting tiny amounts of various

substances under the skin in what is generally called a "patch test"

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