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Hi Marc,

I have a lot of good recipes for Beef stew, Beef Vegetable Soup, etc. The problem is, they never seem to have a real 'beefy' taste.

I follow the recipes, and even add a little more broth and reduce it down, but it never seems to have the rich, strong flavor of beef, like some canned foods do. Mine tastes more like beef gravy.

What can I add to get this taste, is there a sprinkle-on product like pepper to enrich the beef flavor, or what?

Thank you for taking my question, Regards, Ken.

There are several steps to take.

If making stew use Beef Chuck (BONE-IN) and leave some of the fat on, to be skimmed after cooking.

Almost any wine ( I suggest chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon) can be added to the sautéed slivered onions before spices are added.

Use twice as much fresh onions as you think you need.

Add a little salt, (leaf) thyme, a large Bay Leaf or two, and slivered onions BUT no garlic. Freshly ground black peppercorns. A pinch of M.S.G. may be added.

The KEY to a great beef stew is using Beef Stock .  Beef Broth is NOT acceptable.

Cook over medium-low heat, covered.

After the meat is soft enough to fall off the bone, add carrots and small potatoes.  Cook covered -- long and slow.

Fresh peas may be added for they final minutes of cooking.

Serve with a crusty French bread of your choice.


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