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How do I get rid of some of the heat? I added too much to a bean recipe and I'd like it better with less heat. Thanks for help.

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Thanks for your question. Without modifying the flavor or volume of the recipe, you could try dropping in a raw potato cut up into chunks and cook for about 30 minutes longer to absorb some of the spice. You can then remove the potatoes prior to serving. This technique will also absorb some salt, so check and reseason as necessary before serving. Perhaps the most reliable way without changing flavor would be to increase the amount of the other ingredients, thus dilluting the impact of the cayenne, and increasing the volume of the dish. My favorite way however to handle excess spice is to offset the heat by increasing the profile of the other major flavors - salt, sweet, sour - by adding a bit more salt, juice of half a lime or a splash of red wine vinegar. In some cases you could add a couple spoons of sugar - but it doesn't seem to be the best match for bean soup. Depending on the flavor profile - you could try a couple tablespoons of maple syrup. One delicious final technique I think is a natural fit for many soups is to add a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche when serving. When stirred in it smoothes out the heat, makes the soup wonderfully rich, and the dairy is a natural cure to tame the fire. With that last fact in mind - don't hesitate to sereve with a nice glass of milk to quench!

Good luck! If this didn't make it in time for last night dinner - hopefully it will help in the future.

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